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Custom HVAC Solutions

We don’t just take on the easy jobs! When you hire us for heating and cooling in Kilmarnock, know that we are prepared to handle a variety of unique situations that require custom solutions.

Ceiling Saver Kits

Your air conditioner’s main function is to keep you cool and comfortable. One of the ways it does this is by removing excess humidity from the air. That liquid has to go somewhere, and it’s not uncommon for units to experience leaks from time to time. This poses a problem for customers with roof-located units. We install fail-safe kits that redirect leakage and turn off the unit if a clog occurs.

Condensation Pumps

Depending on the unique configuration of your HVAC system, you have unsightly hoses or pipes where they aren’t welcome. To resolve this problem, we can install a special pump that will redirect wastewater to a suitable drain—eliminating the need for visible pipes and hoses.

Accessibility-Enhanced Thermostats

We offer special thermostats designed for homeowners who live with vision and mobility limitations. Options include devices with raised numbers, clicking feedback, and upsized dials.

Hard-Start Kits

For systems that require the outdoor AC unit to be 50 feet or more away from the indoor unit, a hard-start kit may be necessary. These kits assist the compressor in turning on, helping to improve the efficiency and lifespan of your system.

Kool Kaps

Are there a lot of leafy trees in your area or nearby? Customers living in green areas may benefit from the addition of a Kool Kap, which is designed to keep leaves and other natural debris out of an outdoor AC unit.

Time-Delay Relay

This device can be installed to prevent your compressor from cycling excessively. It works by delaying system activity by 3-5 minutes after the thermostat has been changed. This limits the stress put on a compressor that might otherwise struggle due to frequent adjustments.

Remote Thermostat Controls

Being able to adjust the temperature of your home while you’re away can be very useful! Remote-controlled devices can come in handy when the temperature outside has changed unexpectedly, you forgot to adjust the thermostat before leaving, or you have a vacation home.

Surge Suppressors/Lightning Arrestors

If you’re looking for heating and cooling solutions in Kilmarnock, you’re probably familiar with summer storms and lightning. Reduced levels of electricity, such as during a brown out, can also damage your devices. Outfitting your system with electrical safeguards can help protect your system.

Heating and Cooling in Kilmarnock

Are you looking for a reliable team of HVAC professionals to handle your system installation, repair, or maintenance? We have the special solutions necessary to ensure the greatest possibility of success for your unique system. Contact us today to request a consultation or service.

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Crowther's HVAC did a total install for an older house for me 14 years ago. They are very good at what they do and are also the epitome of customer service. Any problems that I have had they took care of immediately at very reasonable prices. Add in that they are all really good people and you have the formula for a very successful business. Rereccomend them highly."

Harry Haynie

I selected Crowther to replace both of my HVAC systems and they did a great job. They went the extra mile to correct duct work, and add a vent in order to bring my homes HVAC systems up to the best performance.

Blake Auchmoody

We had a total duel system heat pump replacement. It was a pleasure working with CHAC. From the sales rep to the technicians responsible for the install. Very professional in their craftsmanship and ensuring everything was installed and working correctly. Very courteous and respectful of our property. We are new to the area and am glad we chose CHAC for our HVAC needs.

Steve Casey

For 25 years, Crowther has provided excellent customer service and support for our Carrier zoned heat pump. They are responsive, helpful and great to work with! We love their seasonal maintenance program and have had them complete some system redesign for our home renovation. All around a great team!

Jill Bessler

Our Client


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