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Arzel® Zoning Systems

Whether your home is new or old, you may notice that certain rooms are easier to keep at a comfortable temperature than others. This can lead to uneven heating and cooling throughout the house and higher energy bills as your family tries to cope. With an Arzel® zoning system, you will be able to control the temperature in specific areas of your home with greater ease and effectiveness than ever before.

Common Causes of Uneven Cooling and Heating in Irvington

  1. Rising heat, resulting in warmer upper floors and colder lower levels.
  2. Unfinished or partially finished basements with cold concrete floors or walls.
  3. Windows which let in lots of warm sunlight and/or cold air, depending on the weather.
  4. Heat-producing elements like track lighting, fireplaces, or spas.
  5. Difficult-to-regulate rooms with high ceilings.

The Advantages of an Arzel® Zoning System

An Arzel® zoning system splits your home’s ductwork into different parts, allowing you to control the temperature in each section independently from the rest. If your sunroom is too warm but your basement is frosty, installing an Arzel® zoning system would enable you to regulate both to perfection.

Personalize Each Zone

It’s not uncommon for different family members to prefer different room temperatures. With an independently controlled thermostat in every zone, everyone can control the comfort level in their bedroom or workspace. No more partial-comfort compromises!

Save Energy Costs

Is there a guest suite, garage, or other space in your home that’s rarely used by your family? This may be an ideal place to zone for low-use. When it’s time to use this area of your home, your Arzel® system will enable you to bring it back to a comfortable temperature.

Quiet as Can Be… So You Can Rest Easy

Many people are sold on zoning systems for the comfort benefits, only to find that the machinery involved is less than tolerable. Arzel® systems stand out with their patented, air-driven dampers. This means nobody in the home will be disturbed by mechanical noise coming from your Arzel® system.

Arzel® Systems Come With a 5-Year Warranty

Excited at the prospect of zoning your home, but want to make sure you love the results? No problem. Your Arzel® system comes with a full five-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Best Practices for Zoning Your Home

In order for your Arzel® system to function its best, there are a few golden rules that must be followed. Though it may not be possible to meet every requirement on this list, keeping them in mind when planning out your Arzel® zones will help improve the effectiveness of your system (and your family’s long-term comfort). Our cooling and heating contractors serving Irvington are well-versed in these guidelines and can use their knowledge to help make recommendations for your home.

  • Rooms on different floors should not be in the same zone. Heat rises and can cause drastically different temperatures on different floors. Keeping separate floors in different zones will enable your Arzel® system to function more efficiently.
  • Rooms constructed at separate times should not be in the same zone. If an addition was made to your home years after its original build date, it’s best to keep that area in its own zone. There are bound to be differences in terms of insulation and construction methods, leading to differences in heating and cooling needs.
  • If possible, zone rooms with perimeter walls separately. Rooms that do not share walls with the outdoors are bound to retain temperature in a different way. Zoning rooms with internal and external walls separately will help avoid uneven heating and cooling.
  • Thermostats should be installed close to where you will spend your time. Thermostats will base readings on the area they are placed in, which is why it’s always best to install them where your family will spend the most time. This is true for regular HVAC systems along with zoned systems.
  • Plan for a minimum of two registers in each zone. Having an adequate number of air returns in each zone will ensure that the system can run efficiently.
  • Avoid grouping rooms together that face opposite directions. Because of the way the sun moves throughout the day, a room that gets lots of sunlight will have a tendency to be warm while the shady room is not. Splitting rooms that will always have disparities like this can help your Arzel® system operate effectively.

Comfortable Cooling and Heating in Irvington

With sweltering summer days and brisk winter nights, it’s no wonder that most families experience uneven temperatures at home. At Crowther Heating & Air Conditioning, our team is highly qualified to consult you and make recommendations regarding an Arzel® zoning system. Since 1954, we’ve been the experts of cooling and heating in Irvington. Call us today to schedule an appointment. For more information on the Arzel® zoning systems we install, download the brochure.

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